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Posted on 9th May, 2018

Getting s review for your book is hard for any author, especially self-publishing authors. 

Here's a few reasons why paying for a review can and has helped so many authors.


There are 2 types of paid reviews: the marketing book review and the editorial book review. At Toro Editing Services we offer both options.



Marketing Book Review


These are paid reviews that give you 5 star ratings and point out only the positives within your book to help boost your sales. 


At Toro Editing Services, we don't give star ratings. We give a professional editorial review of your book before marketing your book through our blog and social media sites. We also give your book to genre appropriate bloggers for their thoughts and reviews (bloggers reviews and opinions are their own, we will not influence their finale opinion). 



Editorial Book Reviews


These are paid reviews that comment on the positives and negatives (if any) of a book. They can state who the book is suitable for, giving the author an understanding and information on their audience for future marketing. 


A paid editorial review enables an author to know they are getting a professional, reliable and objective opinion on their book. Completed in an agreed time-scale.


Editorial reviews can be used for a book launch, helping to promote a book before it enters the market (something a free review can not do).



Free Book Reviews


Using a free book review site or bloggers can help grow your books sales, but be careful.

Bloggers (unless contacted before and asked) rarely let you preview their review before posting online or on social media. You may also not know that a blog review of your book has been posted.


You have to also be careful with who you ask to review. If someone who does not like your book or its genre writes a review, it could be damaging. Just because it's not their sort of thing doesn't mean others won't love it. Finding the right bloggers takes time and patience. 



Most people won't leave a review even if they loved it. This is why getting a paid marketing or editorial review works for so many authors.


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